Krys Runs: The Emerald Spire

31st of Desnus-> 1st of Sarenith (Session 22) The Clockwork Maze -> Fort Inevitable

Still knee-deep in rampage, Invidia cleaved the fiendish leopard I mentioned in the last entry in a single blow, then proceeded to mow down everything in her path along with the rest of the party. The hideous Agash’s tricks availed it naught and it couldn’t even come close to placing a curse on anyone before it was felled.

With the fiends deader than Zerafio, the party proceeded into the next room where they met a strange looking Pech who called itself Gundrum and was busy chipping bits off the emerald spire. Though it took a LOT of trial and error, the party eventually figured out it spoke undercommon and chatted with it for a bit. It turned out, it was harvesting crystal shards for Klarkosh of all people, though he was only doing so because Klarkosh was a freind to the Great Master in the Deep, the creator of the emerald spire itself. The pech seemed to talk as though the being was ancient and the pech served it since ancient times. More ominously, it seems its servants are ‘serving again’… suggesting something dormant may have stopped being so. Figuring it’s better safe than sorry concerning minions of unknowable ancient evil, they party slew the pech and its pet cockatrice and proceeded to go back to Fort Inevitable after finally figuring out how to use the strange green tokens.

After breifly being interrogated by a hellknight, the party proceeded to return to the inn and finally drink/sleep after such a horrible day. They awoke the next morning to meet the Lady Commander who was there to personally offer condolences. The party, Zerafio included, had saved the town enough times to the point where the commander offered to handle funeral arrangements and have the High Mother herself officiate. Emotionally exhausted, the party was grateful to hand over preparations for the funeral to her and the evening concluded with a solemn ceremony in the North Gate Cemetary behind the Temple of Silence. A fair bit of the town showed up and all agreed the eulogies offered by the High Mother and the party alike were touching.

With their companion laid to rest, the party returned to the inn to get even more drunk than they had the previous night. Before they could empty a keg though, Dolivar mentioned a visitor for Invidia in the common room… Where apparently her little sister was waiting for her. After haughtily demanding to go with her to the spire and Invidia loudly announcing that she would do no such thing, the party was left curiously staring at the girl’s fighting. Will this brash young woman really end up delving into the spire with the party?

…Yes. Yes she will.



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