Krys Runs: The Emerald Spire

2cd of Abadius (Session 55) The Emerald Root -> Fort Inevitable

And so the party fought Iluchtewhar tooth and nail. Through a bit of luck, the elemental failed to use his greater teleport ability when Chaaz and Invidia struck him with a flurry of powerful blows. Unfortunately for the party, the creature turned to dust upon his death blow and the dust scattered over the floor and rapidly retreated into the northern wall. Fortunate indeed that Avarita was out in the cavern to narrow down the direction it traveled.

Knowing that this could be bad, the party returned to the emerald root and slowly made their way through the spire using the Master Shards yet again and looked through the inner chambers of the Vault Keeper. When they returned to the innermost sanctum, they found the giant dragon statue humming with crackling green energy and infusing the partially re-created body of the Vault Keeper back to life. Unsure what to do, the party tried to halt the regeneration process by stopping the statue and killing the partially re-formed body. Luckily, turning the body to ash with a disintegrate spell did the trick. Iluchtewhar was finally, truly, killed and his death was marked by a terrible wave of raw energies traveling up through the spire, shattering large chunks of it off and devastating the rooms containing the spire all the way up to the very top of the tower, which broke off and crashed into the tower ruins.

For as dim and lifeless as the spire looked at that point, the spire transport tokens still worked, fortunately. While most of the party returned to the surface to escape, Chaaz and Axel stopped by the Law and Chaos floor to talk to the Axiomite. Standing next to a partially broken spire, the axiomite was surprised by news of their victory and thanked them for their help. They would make sure the Vault Keeper would not rise again and secure the lower reaches of the Emerald Spire for good.

With that squared away, the party returned to the surface and healed up, reviving the mad pech Eriniell in the process. While she was elated with the news of the Vault Keeper’s demise, the madness of the long ages of failed service to the vault keeper were not so easily wiped clean. The tiny earth fey was still convinced earth was evil and the party left her as she communed with the air for guidance. Of course, a level 10 sorcerer will likely be fine, especially now that she won’t think anyone touching the ground is possessed.

As they returned to the Fort, the party gave Abernard the final three maps in return for a small fortune in platinum and gold and the retired adventurer complimented them on their exploits, assured that their adventure must have been truly an epic tale.

And it was.

The party, adventuring fires unquenched, chatted long into the night about the grand adventures they could go on now that the Emerald Spire’s story has closed. Though they may not have fully realized it, the party had stopped a terrible disaster that would have befallen the River Kingdoms. The mad Vault Keeper’s plans to terraform wide swaths of the surface world and eliminate any races deemed unfit for the new biome were shattered. Though the days that followed, the spire dimmed and slowly become inert, the constructs shut down, the transport tokens and all the shards slowly lost their power as well. The unfettered magical potential of the spire that had attracted devil and lich alike is no more and nefarious forces can no longer tap its unlimited potential for their mad designs. Golarion is safer for their efforts and the tragic Vault Keeper, ancient and powerful, driven mad by his failures to form a new Vault, is finally at peace after aeons of being trapped in his own failed creation. What awaits the party now is anyone’s guess. But one thing is for sure: This unlikely band of friends have become true heroes. Their days followed are full of endless praise and adulation from the denizens of the Fort and their story is carried by ambitious bards far and wide, enshrined in story and song.



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