Downtime Logs

Couldn’t help but notice the in-game downtime tracking was getting hard to read. So I’m tracking it here too.

Here we keep track of aquired Goods, Labor, Influence, and Magic, as well as income and upkeep if you build something.

Townhouse Earns nothing unless rented out.
Rooms: 5 Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Lavatory, 1 Sewer Access, 1 Sitting Room, 1 Storage, Bath

9 Influence
Valencia (Mage Team): Earns GP, Influence, or Magic +7
2 Apprentice Earnss: GP, Influence, or Magic +8
Craftspeople Team Earns: GP, Goods, or Labor +4
Alchemy Lab Room Earns: Earns GP, Goods, or Magic +10. Up to three people may use this room at a time.
3 Storefront: Earns Capital +15
Scriptorium Room: Earns GP, Goods, Influence, Labor, or Magic +5
10 Classrooms: Earns Capital +80
Magical Repository: Earns GP, Influence, or Magic +12

Dr. Remnus-
3 Influence
3 Craftspeople Team Earns: GP, Goods or Labor +12
2 Acolytes Earns: GP, Influence, or Magic +8
Eldrathel (Priest Team): Earns: GP, Influence, or Magi +7
Hospital Earns: GP,Goods or Influence +42
+2 Bonus to Fortitude checks vs. contracting disease in town
+2 Bonus to Fort checks vs. disease after using baths
Nursery Earns: GP or Influence +6

Museum Earns: GP, Goods or Influence +27

Book Repositoryx3 (Private Use. Does not earn capital.)
Trophy Room (Private Use. Does not earn capital.)
Common Roomx2 (Private Use. Does not earn capital.)
Barracks (Private Use. Does not earn capital)

Downtime Logs

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