Krys Runs: The Emerald Spire

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Summaries of each session will go here for as long as I care to keep it updated.

14th of Gozran- Fort Inevitable

After a chance meeting on the road on the outskirts of Alejia’s Crossing, the party arrived finally at Fort Inevitable. Each person lured by rumors of adventure and danger to be had in the dungeon of the Emerald Spire.

After meeting with the gate captain Kiera Wirt, the party proceeded to get themselves an inn room. As fortune would have it, Iliara Starcloak was at the inn looking to hire help. Apparently two members of The Goldenfire Order have gone missing in the emerald spire and the party was quick to offer their assistence in finding them since it was on their way anyway. In addition, if they found any research into the planar activities of the spire, she would pay them for that as well.

Short session but we’ll get right into it next week.

14th - 15th of Gozran- The Tower Ruins

During their stay in the fort, the party decided it was prudent to gather what information they could about the spire before heading out. After hearing of the dangers of the emerald spire from Doliver Reedbank, the innkeeper, the party left to visit The Citadel. The lord commander very strictly informed then of exactly how the law worked in fort inevitable. In addition to the stern talking to, they were informed of the strange emblem of the Crowned Skull. Whatever the Crowned Skull is, behind it is a powerful force that is dragging powerful beings and strange undead to wreck the countryside. She put hope that the party could find the problem.

While most of the party was busy with the hellknights, Zerafio went on his own to gather information about the ruins themselves, finding out about its current denizens.

As they were leaving town, the party happened on Victor the Victorious, a bold adventurer who wished to accompany them to the Emerald Spire. Seeing no reason not to agree, they let him tag along only to lose him to a portal fluctuation in the spire’s glen.

Now the party assaults the keep itself and fights off the goblins within.

15th of Gozran- The Tower Ruins (Session 3)

Pressing on into the tower, the party encountered a crude deadfall trap laid by the goblins. Although they easily saw through it, the goblins fought tenaciously. In the end, the party felled nine of the goblins. However, upon exploring deeper into the ruins, the found Skizzertz, the goblin cleric and his automaton Clanky. Things went… south. We’ll see how the party beats the odds next week!

15-18th of Gozran (Session 4) -Echo Woods

Through the power of dragging unconscious people away, the party was just barely able to escape the tower ruins with everyone alive. While Clanky and Skizzertz chased after Zerafio (who was carrying Quesh), Chaaz managed to drag Invidia and Dr. Remnus to a safe hiding spot where he waited for an opportunity to escape. Though he overheard a few goblins talking, he couldn’t glean anything more than “there were three of them” and fled to the woods where Zerafio was waiting for him.

Fortunately, the party’s trip back to the fort was uneventful and a group of hellknights were quick to assist them in carrying the wounded back to town. The conscious members of the party decided it was best to take two days of rest and get healed back up, fortunate indeed that Quesh and Dr. Remnus were both skilled in magical healing.

As everyone was getting bed rest, Invidia managed to take a few hours from recouperation to talk to a distant relative in town, a Mr. Serragon who owned the local foundry. After a pleasent lunch with the man, Invidia was tipped off to a possible business deal if she was going to persist in her adventuring schemes and soon she found herself visiting the home of one Abernard Royst. The retired adventurer offered her a great deal of coin if she managed to map out the dungeon for him. In addition, he was also after a relic made of Norqual he suspects is somewhere in the tower. (He found a shard of said relic the last time HE went to the tower himself)

Armed with fresh resolve and indifatigable purpose (mostly gold), the party pressed on and returned to the Echo Woods. Unfortunately, they met up with a small group of bandits before they could reach the tower. Though Chaaz took an unlucky hit to the stomach, the rest of the bandits were dispatched with brutal efficency.

Will the party be prepared for another fight at the spire? Find out next time.

18th of Gozran (Session 5) - The Tower Ruins

Having just dispatched a group of bandits in the woods, the party rested up and returned to the Emerald Spire with renewed vigor. They approached as they did last time and found golbins guarding the entrance again. THIS time however, someone raised up the golbins as undead. Unpleasently surprised, the party (Invidia) slashed through the tiny undead and fought their way deeper into the ruins again. Though they found a quartet of living goblins the party (mostly Invidia) dispatched them as well, in addition to the goblin cleric Skizzertz who was rushed down and murdered with great haste.

In a rush if inspiration, Zerafio managed to come upon the idea of impersonating the voice of the dead Skizzertz. The ramshackle golem was confused enough to follow Zerafio’s order to obey Invidia and Clanky started to follow the party around mindlessly, emitting the occasional magical spark. Though they did’t explore the tower fully, the party decided that they’d had enough victory and combat for the day and returned to town to divide loot and sell the worthless items to the shop.

What will our heroes find as they explore further into the tower? Find out next time!

18th-19th of Gozran (Session 6) The Cellar

Taking their time in town, the party spent some time recuperating and purchasing a slew of new weapons to take with them to the emerald spire, ready to fight new types of enemies. Before they could leave, a hellknight offered them a letter, informing them of their good standing with the town and their accepted payment of outstanding debts for the license. The fort continued to choke them with bureaucracy.

Not intimidated, the party went through the forest yet again, avoiding any trouble (apart from briefly seeing some strange pale creatures outside in the spire briefly.) and arrived back at the tower ruins. Oddly enough, they found a note pinned to the door leading downwards telling them that someone named “Grulk” wants them to come up the tower and talk. Grulk turned out to be a bugbear that ruled over the goblins. Rightfully intimidated by the party’s ability to destroy his army TWICE, he attempted to negotiate, telling the party that the goblins were under the thumb of the evil wizard Klarkosh and that Grulk would love it if Klarkosh was dead. The party agreed that Klarkosh should die, but they also agreed that Grulk should die. And die he did.

With the ruins cleared of creatures, the party thus descended further into the tower, spying the Azlanti symbol for “1” on the side of the emerald spire. After that, a 50ft. tunnel through bedrock took them to a basement filled with spider webs and bio luminescent moss. Ignoring the two obvious doors in front of them, the party glanced at an alcove which they immediately identified as a secret door. Pushing through it, they encountered the emerald spire yet again, this time with the Azlanti symbol for “2” carved into it. More distressingly, there was also a table with three adventurer corpses with moon spider legs attached to them via string and wax. It was horrifying. It was lucky they weren’t too distracted by the grizzly scene to ignore the cage trap hanging over their heads which they did well to avoid.

After finding yet another secret door in the room, the party continued onward into a tomb with eight coffins. As they approached a programmed image went off with a scary looking display of darkness and angry eyeballs. Still, it was only an illusion and the party had their tiny zombie Stinky open up one of the coffins. Unfortunately, that act roused the six skeletons that were lying in rest in the other ones! Though they were intimidating, the skeletons were dispatched handily.

Will our brave heroes survive the rest of the cellar? What horrors await in the dim light and spider-web strewn corridors of this dungeon level? (Spoiler Alert: It’s spiders.)

19th-20th of Gozran (Session 7) The Cellar

Fresh off the heels of a victorious battle against skeletons, the party continued onwards into the cellars. They briefly passed through a ruined hallway with a hole and rubble in it and proceeded to pass through a locked door with the party’s penchant for taking the path of most resistance. (They have yet to go through an actual non-secret/locked door). Inside the locked room, the party found a set of net traps in the ceiling and a strange wooden closet that was moaning and weeping. After disabling the trap, the party opend the closet to find a zombie which they quickly dispatched.

Another secret door lead the party to a small room with a treasure chest on a platform in the center of it. Rightly paranoid, the party deduced the room was trapped and decided it would be best to leave the room through the locked door. Unfortunately for Quesh, the moment she stepped into the room she fell through a trap door and into a pit of spikes and a spider. Luckily, the party lunged at the trap and drove it open again to slay the spider and pull her out of the pit. After that uncomfortable encounter, the party then AGAIN ignored the perfectly reasonable unlocked door to instead pass through the secret door that leads to the same room.

Inside the room was a skeleton on a throne, flanked by two others. It boldly taunted the party at which point Invdia attacked. Though the cleric sewed confusion and fear in the party, they quickly took him down. With him dispatched, the party retreated upstairs to make camp in the ruins. The rest of the cellar awaits….

20th of Gozran (Session 8) The Cellar

In a small session, the party opened the secret door in gorloth’s room to find a giant mass of diminuitive moon spider hatchlings. After seeing 1500 spiders slowly form into a swarm in front of their eyes, the party noped off to fuckthatville and shut the damn door on them. Tragically, the spiders had thier scent and could just crawl out from under the door of the room they were in and take the long way around to attack the party… just as Zerafio was trying to undo the trapped chest.

Finding the spiders too small to have weapons kill enough of them to make any sort of difference, the party decided that it was time to use thier scroll of fireball and roast the little buggers. With the spiders fully murdered, they went on to the very obviously trapped chest and opened it up after disabling the trap, finding only a taunting note and a cat skull. This trap designer is a dick. For now there are more of the cellars to explore!!

20th of Gozran (Session 9) The Cellar-> Fort Inevitable

Fresh off their victory from the giant spider swarm, the party boldly marched forward to explore the rest of the floor in order to get the gold reward for mapping out the entire floor. Returning though earlier routes through the cellar, the party opened a room they bypassed before to find it flush with spider webs and a desiccated corpse hanging in it. They were reasonably reluctant to just walk inside but after a bit of preparation they opened the door to find it suddenly covered in mist and from out of that mist lunged a moon spider! Though the moon spider sunk its fangs into several party members, its hit and run tactics did not avail it and it was cut down.

With the spider dead, they proceeded to explore another hallway they skipped with the ever-vigilant Zerafio spotting yet another pit trap. After setting the pit and spikes on fire with a spider corpse they also set on fire, they jammed the trap door open and trapped the spider inside it.

Moving on from there, the party found a large room with a giant pit in the center. With a conspicuous ladder attached to the side of the pit, it was clear you could get deeper from here. What was even MORE clear was the two moon spiders that immediately attacked and burst a cloud of obscuring mist. Though the party was victorious against the spiders, Chaaz was quickly drained to unconsciousness by the venomous beasts and Zerafio too was feeling weak and feeble after shaking the poison off. Wisely, the party returned to Fort Inevitable to rest and recuperate.

The next level of the dungeon awaits!


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