Krys Runs: The Emerald Spire

1st of Desnus -> 2cd of Desnus (Session 15) The Drowned Level

After a dangerous encounter with the mudlord, the party returned to splinterden to spend the night in a proper bed and recover from the fairly serious wounds they sustained. Fortunately, with some magical healing and a night of rest the party felt they were ready to tackle the drowned level once again. This time Invidia carried a magic weapon and the party was ready for the inevitable ambush when they approached the muddy water. And ambushed they were. Though the mudlord got some devastatingly strong hits in, the mudlord was dispatched without casualty and the party was free to heal themselves up.

With Zerafio taking the lead, he scouted down the flooded hallways and came upon a doorway with a faded abjuration spell sealing the water from it. After sticking his head into the room, the small water elemental residing there immediately swam after him and chased him down the hallway where the party was waiting to immediately dispatch it.

With the threat gone, the party was forced to swim down the hallway until the lot of them were deposited on a semi-precarious ledge overlooking a pool of water. There, they met Dayana the undine. Curious and somewhat oblivious, the undine greeted them after taking a copious amount of notes on the water elemental’s behavior. Though Zerafio spotted she had the same pearl bracelet as Jorqual, the party kept quite about her brother’s fate and chatted with her. Of the things they learned:

Portals apparently reform themselves in the spire and the spire itself causes planar magic to ebb and flow wildly.
The spells on the door to the room are old and fading.
Her sister is under orders by Klarkosh to guard the level from any invading intruders.
She and her sister rather hate Klarkosh
Klarkosh is not primarily a necromancer (though he may possess the ability to cast necromancy)
Klarkosh is on the level just below this one.
The reservoir later in the level is 2 feet deep and can be approached from two different directions.
There’s a bunyip and Jorqual’s mephit in the next room.

The last bit of information didn’t dissuade the party from walking into the next room though and the Bunyip immediately sensed delicious meat to munch on. …Also, the mephit screamed that the adventurers who attacked Jorqual arrived.

Things will go downhill from here… NEXT TIME.

1st of Desnus (Session 14) The Drowned Level

After their victory over the undine summoner Jorqual, the party waded into the two feet of water of floor 5. No sooner had they passed the first hallway then a large swarm of crabs descended on the party. Though the tiny critters did a number of small, painful pokes on most of the party, they managed to lure it out of the water and kill it with combination of fire, acid and Remnus’ channeling of negative energy.

With the tiny crabs dispatched, the party continued forward to find a medium water elemental which was trying to hide from them. The party spotted its attempts though and quickly dispatched the elemental, banishing it back to the plate of water.

Undetered by mere ambulatory water, the party pressed on into the next room where a MUCH larger elemental was residing. Though it put up a tough fight, the party managed to dispatch it with a fair bit of effort and were able to explore the room, noting that a portal to the plane of water exists in it that occasionally belches water into the room itself. Of more peculiar note were 3 cots on tables, a few crates of wine and foodstuffs and a potion of water breathing…

Hesitant to pop open the water grates and be victim to its strong currents, the party explored another, sunken hallway. Zerafio bravely volunteered to go first and swam into the hallway only to be assaulted by a vicious mudlord which immediately knocked him out. Luckily, the party had him on a rope and reeled him back in quickly… unfortunately the mud lord quickly pursued and chased the party out of the level, but not before shattering all of the undead the party kept with them. Battered and bruised, the party will have to decide how to proceed now that they’ve escaped. What will our heroes do?

27th of Gozran - 1st of Desnus (Session 13) Splinterden -> Fort Inevitable ->The Drowned Level

With Splinterden cleared out, the party returned to Fort Inevitable to rest and recover and sell the small fortune of arms they collected from the bandits. While Zerafio worked on a few alchemical creations, the rest of the party worked around town, supplying more towards their buildings and projects as well as reaping the rewards for mapping out the spire.

Three days came and went and the party was itching to get back to adventuring when the first of Desnus rolled around and they quickly returned to the spire, using the bandit’s secret entrance. Descending further into the lower levels they were greeted by a freindly troglodyte and a much less freindly odor. The troglodyte introduced himself as Slaargh and offered to take the party on a tour of level four. Though the stench was making a few of them rather sick to their stomachs, they reluctantly agreed and the party was given a tour of the pits where the troglodyte’s strange god-like box was supplying them fresh food and water. Told they had to make a sacrifice of metal to progress, the party agreed and tossed a bit of unused equipment at the magnetic god-box. Strangely enough, the tribute of metal worked and the party was able to progress without incident and they left the pungent troglodytes to their god worship.

Sadly, the next level was a lot less freindly. No sooner had they reached the landing at the bottom did they find a hostile undine summoner barking at the party to leave or die. The party decided that die was a good plan, only for the undine instead. They dispatched him quickly, though they let his water mephit flee down the waterways of the sunken level. Faced with a floor apparently entirely inundated with water, the party reluctantly decides how they will proceed…

What will they find in the watery depths of level 5? Find out next time.

27th of Gozran (Session 12) Splinterden

After terse negotiations with Tarrin Dars and a break for her meditation/communion with the spirits, the party was lead out to the bandit’s secret entrance to the spire, a long, twisting cave complex that reaches the surface. On the way, the party was feeling extremely conflicted about working with the bandits. Unable to really voice their concerns while talking with Tarrin herself, the party was able to diiscuss what they really wanted to do about the den of theives, ultimately deciding on going back and slaying the lot of them. And slay the lot of them they did. After getting the drop on Tarrin, she and her four bandit scouts were dispatched relatively quickly and the coward Jaris fell soon after, his iron cobra putting up more of a fight than he did.

With the entire level cleared of bandits, the party started to search the level in earnest, discovering a secret passage with a clockwork servant guarding a large pile of texts and ledgers. After smashing the golem, the party was able to discover what the theive’s guild master was up to: rewriting the holy text of Norgorber, a heresy even for a god of theives. Knowledge in hand, the party decided to explore the tomb that Tarrin meditated in and found a strangely blinged-out wight that was traped in one of the coffins in the room. They dispatched the undead with ease.

With the rest of the level and a new floor to greet them beyond, what will the party do? What will they face as they descend deeper into the Emerald Spire?

27th of Gozran (Session 11) Splinterden

Venturing further into Splinterden, the party found a small barracks with two jail cells inside it. Venturing forward, Zerafio spotted what appeared to be a giant pile of flesh with a thousand mouths underneath the bed. Unfortunately, he told the party vocally of this threat and alerted the strange creature to his presence. The gibbering mouther oozed between the iron bars of the barracks and lunged for the party. With a particularly savage lunge, the abberation engulfed and ate Chaaz. It looked like the magus would just be flat out slain by the many-mouthed creature but the party managed to scrape together enough damage to melt the flesh of the creature before he could be fully eaten.

Moving on, the party found a mess hall with four feasting bandits. They were handily dispatched without much fanfare. Afterwards, they explored further in the den, finding someone’s bed room and journals, a few valuable odds and ends, and then an alchemy lab after. Able to pick out a pair of trapped vials, the party looted the lab and moved on to find the head alchemist himself experimenting on animals.

The Alchemist (A transmuter named Jaris) wasn’t eager to fight an entire group of adventurers by himself when they had clearly murdered most of the den by themselves. After a bit of negotiation, he was willing to take them to Tarrin, the leader of the splinterden, to negotiate passage.

Tarrin was clearly a proud, zealous leader of the theives guild and though she was willing to work with the party and let them pass, the party was reluctant to do the same, feeling she’d stab them in the back given the chance.

How we’ll end up dealing with Tarrin will be discovered next week!

(Spoiler Alert: We’re going to kill her.)

20th-27th of Gozran (Session 10) Fort Inevitable-> Splinterden

Knowing they’d need to recover from the moon spider poison, the party decided they were going to need to rest for a while before they could continue to plumb the depths of the spire. Dr. Remnus spent a few days clearing the debilitating effects of the poison from Zerafio and Chaaz and the rest of the party managed to take care of business around the town.

Deciding that he was going to be based out of the town for a long time, Chaaz decided to enlist the help of the party to work around town for a time and gather the supplies and manpower to build an alchemy town. With ground broken on the foundation, the party woke one night to find the town being attacked by zombies. Eager to get out of his inn room and do something interesting, Zerafio volunteered the willing party to help fight off the invasion. Easily dispatching the Zuvembie, the party found it adorned with the familiar symbol of the crowned skull and stuck with dozens of tiny shards of the emerald spire. A peculiar sight indeed. Though it left them with more questions than answers, the hellknights were at least grateful for the asssistance.

After the sixth day, the party decided enough was enough and returned to the Emerald Spire. After digging a few gems out of a spider corpse, they arrived at the front gates of Splinterden. Apparently bandits were held up in this section of the spire! Though their fortifications were tricky, Zerafio was able to pop open their locked door and the party was able to storm the den. With the guards at the front door dispatched, the party is left with the rest of the den to explore. Who leads this rag tag group of bandits? What secrets do these theives hold?

20th of Gozran (Session 9) The Cellar-> Fort Inevitable

Fresh off their victory from the giant spider swarm, the party boldly marched forward to explore the rest of the floor in order to get the gold reward for mapping out the entire floor. Returning though earlier routes through the cellar, the party opened a room they bypassed before to find it flush with spider webs and a desiccated corpse hanging in it. They were reasonably reluctant to just walk inside but after a bit of preparation they opened the door to find it suddenly covered in mist and from out of that mist lunged a moon spider! Though the moon spider sunk its fangs into several party members, its hit and run tactics did not avail it and it was cut down.

With the spider dead, they proceeded to explore another hallway they skipped with the ever-vigilant Zerafio spotting yet another pit trap. After setting the pit and spikes on fire with a spider corpse they also set on fire, they jammed the trap door open and trapped the spider inside it.

Moving on from there, the party found a large room with a giant pit in the center. With a conspicuous ladder attached to the side of the pit, it was clear you could get deeper from here. What was even MORE clear was the two moon spiders that immediately attacked and burst a cloud of obscuring mist. Though the party was victorious against the spiders, Chaaz was quickly drained to unconsciousness by the venomous beasts and Zerafio too was feeling weak and feeble after shaking the poison off. Wisely, the party returned to Fort Inevitable to rest and recuperate.

The next level of the dungeon awaits!

20th of Gozran (Session 8) The Cellar

In a small session, the party opened the secret door in gorloth’s room to find a giant mass of diminuitive moon spider hatchlings. After seeing 1500 spiders slowly form into a swarm in front of their eyes, the party noped off to fuckthatville and shut the damn door on them. Tragically, the spiders had thier scent and could just crawl out from under the door of the room they were in and take the long way around to attack the party… just as Zerafio was trying to undo the trapped chest.

Finding the spiders too small to have weapons kill enough of them to make any sort of difference, the party decided that it was time to use thier scroll of fireball and roast the little buggers. With the spiders fully murdered, they went on to the very obviously trapped chest and opened it up after disabling the trap, finding only a taunting note and a cat skull. This trap designer is a dick. For now there are more of the cellars to explore!!

19th-20th of Gozran (Session 7) The Cellar

Fresh off the heels of a victorious battle against skeletons, the party continued onwards into the cellars. They briefly passed through a ruined hallway with a hole and rubble in it and proceeded to pass through a locked door with the party’s penchant for taking the path of most resistance. (They have yet to go through an actual non-secret/locked door). Inside the locked room, the party found a set of net traps in the ceiling and a strange wooden closet that was moaning and weeping. After disabling the trap, the party opend the closet to find a zombie which they quickly dispatched.

Another secret door lead the party to a small room with a treasure chest on a platform in the center of it. Rightly paranoid, the party deduced the room was trapped and decided it would be best to leave the room through the locked door. Unfortunately for Quesh, the moment she stepped into the room she fell through a trap door and into a pit of spikes and a spider. Luckily, the party lunged at the trap and drove it open again to slay the spider and pull her out of the pit. After that uncomfortable encounter, the party then AGAIN ignored the perfectly reasonable unlocked door to instead pass through the secret door that leads to the same room.

Inside the room was a skeleton on a throne, flanked by two others. It boldly taunted the party at which point Invdia attacked. Though the cleric sewed confusion and fear in the party, they quickly took him down. With him dispatched, the party retreated upstairs to make camp in the ruins. The rest of the cellar awaits….

18th-19th of Gozran (Session 6) The Cellar

Taking their time in town, the party spent some time recuperating and purchasing a slew of new weapons to take with them to the emerald spire, ready to fight new types of enemies. Before they could leave, a hellknight offered them a letter, informing them of their good standing with the town and their accepted payment of outstanding debts for the license. The fort continued to choke them with bureaucracy.

Not intimidated, the party went through the forest yet again, avoiding any trouble (apart from briefly seeing some strange pale creatures outside in the spire briefly.) and arrived back at the tower ruins. Oddly enough, they found a note pinned to the door leading downwards telling them that someone named “Grulk” wants them to come up the tower and talk. Grulk turned out to be a bugbear that ruled over the goblins. Rightfully intimidated by the party’s ability to destroy his army TWICE, he attempted to negotiate, telling the party that the goblins were under the thumb of the evil wizard Klarkosh and that Grulk would love it if Klarkosh was dead. The party agreed that Klarkosh should die, but they also agreed that Grulk should die. And die he did.

With the ruins cleared of creatures, the party thus descended further into the tower, spying the Azlanti symbol for “1” on the side of the emerald spire. After that, a 50ft. tunnel through bedrock took them to a basement filled with spider webs and bio luminescent moss. Ignoring the two obvious doors in front of them, the party glanced at an alcove which they immediately identified as a secret door. Pushing through it, they encountered the emerald spire yet again, this time with the Azlanti symbol for “2” carved into it. More distressingly, there was also a table with three adventurer corpses with moon spider legs attached to them via string and wax. It was horrifying. It was lucky they weren’t too distracted by the grizzly scene to ignore the cage trap hanging over their heads which they did well to avoid.

After finding yet another secret door in the room, the party continued onward into a tomb with eight coffins. As they approached a programmed image went off with a scary looking display of darkness and angry eyeballs. Still, it was only an illusion and the party had their tiny zombie Stinky open up one of the coffins. Unfortunately, that act roused the six skeletons that were lying in rest in the other ones! Though they were intimidating, the skeletons were dispatched handily.

Will our brave heroes survive the rest of the cellar? What horrors await in the dim light and spider-web strewn corridors of this dungeon level? (Spoiler Alert: It’s spiders.)


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