Krys Runs: The Emerald Spire

27th of Gozran (Session 11) Splinterden

Venturing further into Splinterden, the party found a small barracks with two jail cells inside it. Venturing forward, Zerafio spotted what appeared to be a giant pile of flesh with a thousand mouths underneath the bed. Unfortunately, he told the party vocally of this threat and alerted the strange creature to his presence. The gibbering mouther oozed between the iron bars of the barracks and lunged for the party. With a particularly savage lunge, the abberation engulfed and ate Chaaz. It looked like the magus would just be flat out slain by the many-mouthed creature but the party managed to scrape together enough damage to melt the flesh of the creature before he could be fully eaten.

Moving on, the party found a mess hall with four feasting bandits. They were handily dispatched without much fanfare. Afterwards, they explored further in the den, finding someone’s bed room and journals, a few valuable odds and ends, and then an alchemy lab after. Able to pick out a pair of trapped vials, the party looted the lab and moved on to find the head alchemist himself experimenting on animals.

The Alchemist (A transmuter named Jaris) wasn’t eager to fight an entire group of adventurers by himself when they had clearly murdered most of the den by themselves. After a bit of negotiation, he was willing to take them to Tarrin, the leader of the splinterden, to negotiate passage.

Tarrin was clearly a proud, zealous leader of the theives guild and though she was willing to work with the party and let them pass, the party was reluctant to do the same, feeling she’d stab them in the back given the chance.

How we’ll end up dealing with Tarrin will be discovered next week!

(Spoiler Alert: We’re going to kill her.)



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