Krys Runs: The Emerald Spire

27th of Gozran - 1st of Desnus (Session 13) Splinterden -> Fort Inevitable ->The Drowned Level

With Splinterden cleared out, the party returned to Fort Inevitable to rest and recover and sell the small fortune of arms they collected from the bandits. While Zerafio worked on a few alchemical creations, the rest of the party worked around town, supplying more towards their buildings and projects as well as reaping the rewards for mapping out the spire.

Three days came and went and the party was itching to get back to adventuring when the first of Desnus rolled around and they quickly returned to the spire, using the bandit’s secret entrance. Descending further into the lower levels they were greeted by a freindly troglodyte and a much less freindly odor. The troglodyte introduced himself as Slaargh and offered to take the party on a tour of level four. Though the stench was making a few of them rather sick to their stomachs, they reluctantly agreed and the party was given a tour of the pits where the troglodyte’s strange god-like box was supplying them fresh food and water. Told they had to make a sacrifice of metal to progress, the party agreed and tossed a bit of unused equipment at the magnetic god-box. Strangely enough, the tribute of metal worked and the party was able to progress without incident and they left the pungent troglodytes to their god worship.

Sadly, the next level was a lot less freindly. No sooner had they reached the landing at the bottom did they find a hostile undine summoner barking at the party to leave or die. The party decided that die was a good plan, only for the undine instead. They dispatched him quickly, though they let his water mephit flee down the waterways of the sunken level. Faced with a floor apparently entirely inundated with water, the party reluctantly decides how they will proceed…

What will they find in the watery depths of level 5? Find out next time.



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