Krys Runs: The Emerald Spire

22cd of Rova -> 1st of Abadius (Session 50) Fort Inevitable -> Order and Chaos

Back in Fort Inevitable, the party was able to settle down and relax, finally. Remnus curled up with Nhur Athemon’s journal and read through it, letting everyone know a small summary of what it contained.

A gentle summation of Nhur Athemon’s Journal

Apart from that, with the undead gone the party was no longer under any real time limit and decided to take full advantage of it. With the weather getting cold, they decided they would stay in Fort Inevitable for a few months, craft magical items and improve their homes in their spare time.

Months came and went and the party funneled a great deal of their hard-earned gold into some truly spectacular magical items. Though the town was bustling and busy and its citizens poured adulation on them at every opportunity, nothing of note happened that the party is aware of. >.>

The Book of the Damned collected dust on a shelf.

Regardless, when Abadius 1st came around, the adventuring bug bit them again and they took the hike through the snowy echo woods to return to the spire yet again. The spire was as quiet as they left it and they hurried to level 14 and took the stairs down.

No sooner did they reach level 15 than an inevitable attempt to paralyze them and interrogate them. Though it wasn’t very friendly, hostilities did not immediately break out, especially when the inevitable they had called “Will” stepped in and told them the party was unlikely there to cause trouble. Though hostilities were lessened, they picked right back up again when the party announced their intention to go further down into the spire. The Inevitables told them, in no uncertain terms, that entry into the lower levels was strictly prohibited. The Overmind of the City of Axis had long ago calculated the best and wisest course of action to take with the lowest reaches of the spire and had decided that they were going to ward the doors and shut them for good.

Though they were vague about the exact nature of the threat, the Inevitables explained that the entity in the deepest reaches of the spire could introduce a massive amount of chaos into the Material plane, to the point where it could change the face of the world on a large scale. To keep this terrible agent of chaos in check, the Axiomites locked it away and sent a contingent of the Inevitables to eternally guard the chamber and prevent anyone from disturbing the entity. Of course, the Proteans could sense the powerful being as well and delighted in the thought of releasing an agent of massive change into the dull, peaceful setting of the Material plane and also sent a contingent through a planar portal to fu*k up the Axiomite’s plans. Both sides managed to sabotage each other’s portals and cut them off from any reinforcements, causing even the insane proteans to take a cautious stance to combat..

The Inevitables only agreed to allow the party into the level after they agreed to not attempt to open the door and to not assist the proteans. After they agreed, they were treated to a small tour of the facility. The power room, filled with magical looking generators and wires, was curious.. but the party didn’t even get past the storage room before Avarita’s absurd door-finding ability kicked in and she spied a sliding wall in their store room. Not even caring where it leads, Avarita opened it up and stepped right inside. Luckily, there were no threats inside the secret passage, but “Will” was AWFULLY concerned about the presence of a secret door that bypassed the Inevitable’s defenses and quickly took to guarding the door.

With no such caution, Avarita and the party went through the passage without fear only to appear in a strange, room made from two cylinders. The only thing in the room were two large glowing symbols. Sensing no HOSTILE magic, Avarita stooped down to touch one of the red glowing runes… and promptly turned male. Avarita promptly freaked out and, as she did so, Quesh calmly examined the rune and explained that anyone touching it would randomly shift into a new gender. Hearing that, Avarita immediately touched it three more times, shifting to a genderless form, back to male and then finally back to female with little to no change from before. Quesh then explained the other rune would similarly change your race at random and the party decided they’d really rather not screw around with that and moved on.

Avarita, female again, scouted out the next door to spy a trio of Proteans playing a rather shockingly violent game of tag in a room where the walls were clearly not solid and covered in green mist. Knowing that Proteans are insane, dangerous and unlikely to side with them, they prepared for combat.

Next week maybe we’ll have a game where my internet DOESN’T crash for half an hour. :|



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