Krys Runs: The Emerald Spire

20th of Gozran (Session 9) The Cellar-> Fort Inevitable

Fresh off their victory from the giant spider swarm, the party boldly marched forward to explore the rest of the floor in order to get the gold reward for mapping out the entire floor. Returning though earlier routes through the cellar, the party opened a room they bypassed before to find it flush with spider webs and a desiccated corpse hanging in it. They were reasonably reluctant to just walk inside but after a bit of preparation they opened the door to find it suddenly covered in mist and from out of that mist lunged a moon spider! Though the moon spider sunk its fangs into several party members, its hit and run tactics did not avail it and it was cut down.

With the spider dead, they proceeded to explore another hallway they skipped with the ever-vigilant Zerafio spotting yet another pit trap. After setting the pit and spikes on fire with a spider corpse they also set on fire, they jammed the trap door open and trapped the spider inside it.

Moving on from there, the party found a large room with a giant pit in the center. With a conspicuous ladder attached to the side of the pit, it was clear you could get deeper from here. What was even MORE clear was the two moon spiders that immediately attacked and burst a cloud of obscuring mist. Though the party was victorious against the spiders, Chaaz was quickly drained to unconsciousness by the venomous beasts and Zerafio too was feeling weak and feeble after shaking the poison off. Wisely, the party returned to Fort Inevitable to rest and recuperate.

The next level of the dungeon awaits!



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