Krys Runs: The Emerald Spire

18th-19th of Gozran (Session 6) The Cellar

Taking their time in town, the party spent some time recuperating and purchasing a slew of new weapons to take with them to the emerald spire, ready to fight new types of enemies. Before they could leave, a hellknight offered them a letter, informing them of their good standing with the town and their accepted payment of outstanding debts for the license. The fort continued to choke them with bureaucracy.

Not intimidated, the party went through the forest yet again, avoiding any trouble (apart from briefly seeing some strange pale creatures outside in the spire briefly.) and arrived back at the tower ruins. Oddly enough, they found a note pinned to the door leading downwards telling them that someone named “Grulk” wants them to come up the tower and talk. Grulk turned out to be a bugbear that ruled over the goblins. Rightfully intimidated by the party’s ability to destroy his army TWICE, he attempted to negotiate, telling the party that the goblins were under the thumb of the evil wizard Klarkosh and that Grulk would love it if Klarkosh was dead. The party agreed that Klarkosh should die, but they also agreed that Grulk should die. And die he did.

With the ruins cleared of creatures, the party thus descended further into the tower, spying the Azlanti symbol for “1” on the side of the emerald spire. After that, a 50ft. tunnel through bedrock took them to a basement filled with spider webs and bio luminescent moss. Ignoring the two obvious doors in front of them, the party glanced at an alcove which they immediately identified as a secret door. Pushing through it, they encountered the emerald spire yet again, this time with the Azlanti symbol for “2” carved into it. More distressingly, there was also a table with three adventurer corpses with moon spider legs attached to them via string and wax. It was horrifying. It was lucky they weren’t too distracted by the grizzly scene to ignore the cage trap hanging over their heads which they did well to avoid.

After finding yet another secret door in the room, the party continued onward into a tomb with eight coffins. As they approached a programmed image went off with a scary looking display of darkness and angry eyeballs. Still, it was only an illusion and the party had their tiny zombie Stinky open up one of the coffins. Unfortunately, that act roused the six skeletons that were lying in rest in the other ones! Though they were intimidating, the skeletons were dispatched handily.

Will our brave heroes survive the rest of the cellar? What horrors await in the dim light and spider-web strewn corridors of this dungeon level? (Spoiler Alert: It’s spiders.)



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